Lunch/Dinner Menu

Weekdays 11am-Close
Weekends 3pm-Close

Menu is current as of January 2024


Live Nachos  21  GF, SF

spicy Raw chips, Cahsew nacho cheese & Sour Cream , pecan chorizo, onions, tomatoes, scallions, guacamole, cilantro, lime

Cashew Chevre Truffles 13  SF

Savory date filled truffles with marcona almond crust (GF), Toasted Baguette (contains Gluten)

Fingerling Potatoes  11  GF, SF

roasted garlic, gremolata, harissa aioli

chickpea & Kale Salad  18  GF, SF

massaged kale, marinated chickpeas, toasted pepitas, avocado, chevre, dried apricots, Pickled red onion, lemon-tahini dressing

Buffalo ranch salad 18  SF

romaine with ranch, house made chickpea seitan tossed n buffalo sauce, corn, red pepper, carrots, cabbage, avocado, and drizzeled with ranch and green onion

Mac & Cheese sF cup 8 / bowl 12

elbow macaroni, cheese sauce, herbed bread crumbs

Green Salad  6 - Avocado  2.5
Brown Rice  3.5  - Quinoa  3.5 - Corn Muffin  3
Tofu  5 - Tempeh  5 - Soy Curls  5

Larger Plates

pesto Pasta  23   SF

fettuccine roasted maitake mushrooms, yellow squash,                         blistered tomatoes, and parmesan tossed in a smooth hemp seed pesto sauce. served with toasted baguette 

Cheeseburger 18

lentil-walnut burger, cheese, mixed greens, tomato, pickled red onion, Chao Cheese,ketchup, harissa aioli, ciabatta bun

Yakisoba noodles 21

yakisoba noodles, soy curls, carrots, brocoli, cabbage, oyster & maitake mushrooms, sesame tamari & korean bBQ sauce,scallions,
pickled ginger

BBQ Bowl 19

BBQ soy curls, mac & cheese, black beans, apple-slaw,
& a corn muffin

Summer Tacos  19  GF

roasted tofu shreds with onion, red pepper,corn, cumin, pickled jalapeno, cilantro, and sour cream. plated with smokey black beans, chips and roasted tomato salsa

Green Bowl  17  GF

baby spinach, quinoa, steamed kale, cucumber, edamame, avocado, sesame seeds, creamy jalapeno-date dressing
add tofu, tempeh, or soy curls  3

Bibimbap  19

broccoli, marinated mushrooms, pickled carrots & daikon, brown rice, korean bbq soy curls, sesame tamari dressing, sesame seeds, chili sauce, scallions
add avocado

Thai Wrap  17

spinach, cucumber, bBQ soy Curls, carrots, mint, cilantro, curried peanuts, peanut sauce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

Vegan salad sandwich and soup 18

apricot, basil, caper, and chickpea seitan tossed with citrus mayo. srved over toasted baguette with spinach, cucumber, and tomato. served with soup of the day

Smoothies  9.5

Blue Dream

Blueberry, mango, ginger, oat milk, Orange juice, Almond butter, banana


Blackberry, Blueberry, Date, Orange Juice, Coconut Milk, Banana

Maca Mocha

Raw Cacao, Maca, Espresso, Banana, Almond Milk, Dates, Almond Butter, Cacao Nibs

Green bliss

Spinach, Kale, Avocado, Mango, Orange Juice, Dates, Almond Butter, Almond Milk

Hot Date

Pecans, Banana, Almond Milk, Maca, Dates, Cayenne, Cinnamon

Other Beverages

Iced Coconut Chai  6

Lavender Lemonade  4

House Herb Blend Iced Tea  3.5

Caffeine Free

Coconut Water  4

Kombucha  4.5

Eva’s Herbucha Rotating Flavors On Tap

Fresh Juices  9


Carrot, orange, Grapefruit, lemon


Carrot, Beet, Celery, Apple, Lemon

Green Lantern

Green Apple, Collard, Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Lime, Basil

Immune In Tune

Apple, Carrot, Orange, Ginger, Lemon, Cilantro

Flu Fighter Shot 3.5

Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne, Orange Slice

GF = Gluten Free   SF = Soy Free

We Proudly Serve An Entirely Plant-Based Menu.        Many Of Our Dishes Contain Plant-Based Food Allergens Even If Not Listed. Kindly Alert Your Server. While We Make Every Effort, We Cannot Guarantee That Any Product Has Not Come In Contact With These Foods.          % Service Charge May Be Applied To Groups Of Or More.